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Riad Africa Honeymoon Marrakech

Riad Africa  makes every effort to aid sustainability and we care with a passion for the future of our amazing planet, its wildlife and its people.

We are an ethical organisation that adheres to the principles of responsible tourism and sustainable travel, fair trade, business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

We recognise that our responsibility extends to all interested parties to this business including not only our customers and local partners, but also local host communities, our planet, its wildlife and nature.

We wish to make a positive contribution to the protection of our environment. We strive to ‘go green’ wherever possible.  Responsible tourism is a challenge we can all rise to if we adopt a different way of thinking and change our habits.

What we are doing to help save the environment:
  1. Reverse cycle air conditioning and heating – this saves 75% of electricity use compared with standard heating systems and is just as efficient.

  2. Supervision of heating and cooling – we do not switch on the heating or cooling in unoccupied rooms, except just before guest arrival.

  3. Electricity – we use low energy light bulbs and lights are turned off when not needed.

  4. Offices – are also subject to environmental measures.  Printers are used in economy mode and computers are switched off during the night.

  5. Green cleaning products – we use ecological cleaning products and avoid the use of corrosive and allergy provoking chemical products.  

  6. Biodiversity – we have reduced the use of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides in the maintenance of our green spaces.

  7. Towels – our guests can opt for less frequent changes of towels if they wish to, thereby saving water and electricity. If you wish your towels to be washed, please put them in the bathtub or shower tray.

  8. Meals – we use seasonal, local produce, thereby reducing the pollution created by food transportation.

  9. Bathroom products – we offer our bathroom products in refillable containers.

Riad Africa Lounge
Riad Africa Lounge
What you can do to be more environmentally friendly:
  1. Recharging – be aware when using chargers for your mobile phones, cameras and computers.  Do not leave appliances plugged into electrical sockets when fully recharged and not in use as this wastes energy.

  2. Cooling – turn down the cooling if you sleep with the windows open.

  3. Stand-by – avoid leaving your television or computer on stand-by mode.  90% of the energy used by these appliances is in stand-by mode.

  4. Power off – always turn off your lights and heating/cooling when you leave your room.

  5. Shower – using a shower instead of a bath saves five times the water.  On average a shower uses 50 litres of water, compared to 250 litres for a bath.

  6. Water – don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth, shave or wash your face and hands.  You will save 24 litres of water a day if you turn off the tap during these procedures. 

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